Anna Sui Makes My Heart Hurt

November 12, 2013, 9:16 am

I was flipping through the Runway shots of the Spring collections for 2014 on, clicked on Anna Su and literally gasped. I had to turn off the music I was listening to, which at that moment was the Steve Reich remix of Love is Lost by David Bowie, to fully take in what I was seeing.

Contemporary designer Anna Sui always kills it when it comes to elegant bohemian, but this collection literally embraces a Mucha painting, pulls the woman out of the image and slightly dresses her down while boldly updating her. The feminine silhouettes range from classic to current, all with beautiful draping, swathing the wearer in rich and refined textiles.

I love Art Nouveau more than any other era in illustration and interior design, and can think of nothing more wonderful than dressing like a bohemian princess and walking around a modern city. Yes please and thank you, Anna Sui.

The men’s line is lovely as well – the prints are bolder and repeat themselves on velvet jackets, intarsia knits and silk shirts.

Below are a few of my faves, but you can see the whole collection here._D7Q0102.683x1024 _D7Q0119.683x1024 _D7Q0142.683x1024 _D7Q0223.683x1024 _D7Q0244.683x1024 _D7Q0295.683x1024 _D7Q0310.683x1024 _D7Q0324.683x1024 _D7Q0342.683x1024 _D7Q0355.683x1024 _D7Q0384.683x1024 _D7Q0428.683x1024 _D7Q0462.683x1024 _D7Q0513.683x1024 _D7Q0527.683x1024

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