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May 17, 2013, 1:26 pm

Hello friends.  It’s been months since I posted last. Things have been absolutely nuts – sister had twins, two trips, a funeral and an art show.

I am finally pulling it all back together and getting back in to my “mode normal”.  This week I was asked to put together a pitch for a complete juniors line for a fashion fabrics company.  I usually work in women’s contemporary and it was really fun and actually quite challenging to forecast for juniors.

The contemporary women’s allows for a lot of adventure, you really want to aim for a wow factor, even when doing something as bread and butter as florals. You can play with vintage and even historical aesthetics, really weaving a storyline into the imagery.

The juniors market needs revolve around modern trends.  Brandable images reign and each clothing line wants to be distinct in comparison to another, while in women’s contemporary, clothing manufacturers tend to hope that though distinct, their apparel will merchandise with other brands in the same price point.

In any case, I read more “Teen Vogue” last week than I did when I was a teen, and had a laugh because so much of the fashion right now looks like stuff my generation would have been wearing at the same age.

In any case, my pitch went well and I start on some florals today.

Here are a few inspiration images from my presentation. These are things that didn’t go over well – cited as too contemporary. I would love to hear feedback and any stories anyone wants to share about their own forecasting process.

chinese_chrysanthemum overlapping_mandala_harness street_style_lineup



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