Fun Odd Job – Mike Kelley’s “The Little Girl’s Room” Textile Piece

December 4, 2013, 3:31 pm

Recently I was contacted by MOCA in Los Angeles. They needed help recreating a portion of an art installation by the late Mike Kelley titled “The Little Girls Room”.  Apparently the piece in question was a bed sheet that was getting stepped on by viewers and they wanted to have a roll of fabric to replace the sullied component at will.

As an art nerd, I was thrilled to be contacted by the museum, and super stoked to be involved in working on something affiliated with Mike Kelley – whom I have always considered to be genius.

The art piece is an interesting one in which Kelley first creates an installation based on a script for a performance. It involves a little girls arrival to adolescence, depicted in metaphor as a girls flowery bedroom transforming into monochromic minimalism.

Here is one picture, obviously portraying the latter state of the bedroom, and a slice of the flowery sheet that I re-created.  Interested friends can also check out the MOCA page on the piece.

mike kelley the little girls room MOCA

I would like to give a shout-out to The AdArt Company, who is one of the few printing companies in Los Angeles that does silkscreened fabric with a small minimum, and who will be doing the printing for this piece.

Image courtesy MOCA

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