Jerry Garcia Scarves

June 30, 2013, 4:08 pm

Recently I was approached by a company who wanted to reproduce Jerry Garcia’s artwork on women’s scarves.  I immediately associated this with the Grateful Dead artwork that you always see; skeletons and roses and whatnot. It turns out that Jerry was actually a pretty accomplished artist, working on a range of media and taking inspiration for a variety of sources.

My job is to take Jerry’s artwork and re-create it and then color reduce these designs to be silkscreened. It has been a challenge. Reproducing someone else’s hand in watercolor is no easy task, and as any colorist will tell you, reducing watercolor artwork is tricky because you want to be able to reproduce the subtle shifts in hue and shade while delivering something that the mill can actually make. I feel really good about how the pieces have been turning out.

Attached are some of the artworks that I am using as a jumping off point, and a tiny little sample of one of the ones I did at the bottom  – see if you can figure out which one it’s from!

jerry garcia, emberly modine design



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