Kikli Design – Boho Fabric for Girls Dresses

August 11, 2013, 9:54 am

I am so pleased to have received photos today of some beautiful girls dresses I did print design for. The company is called Kikli Design, conceived and owned by a very talented designer who pulls inspiration from the bazaars and architecture of India and a flair for mixed prints in bold colors.  Indian block printing is one of my favorite fabric making modes and I never turn down an opportunity to create designs that embody mechanical wizardry with a hint of ‘handmade’.

You can find Kikli Design at her Facebook page. Please enjoy the photos below. The tree of life print with elephants is my personal favorite.

Kikli Design, Emberly Modine Design, textile design, blockprint, textile, surface design

Kikli Design, Emberly Modine Design, textiel design, textile, surface print design, block print

kikli design, emberly modine design, textile design, textiles, surface print design, block printing

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