Temescal Canyon – After rain beauty

January 26, 2013, 3:12 pm

It’s rained two days in a row, which for Los Angeles, is equivalent to a torrential downpour.  I love hiking in the winter in Southern California, before it’s all dry and just waiting to burn.

As soon as this mornings drizzle stopped and the clouds started to lift, I headed up the PCH to Temescal Canyon, my favorite moderate hike on the Westside right now.  You climb pretty fast up past the sycamores into tunnels of scrub oak where new and tender emerald grass lines the path upward. The sky was almost completely blue by the time I got to the top, with just a  bit of fog to the south.

It smelled amazing and was super lush and I felt so happy to be walking in nature. By the time I finished the loop and got back to my car I was excited to come home and do some drawing.

temescal canyon after the rain

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